5 reasons why you need to network

It’s often said that ‘your network is your net worth’ in otherwords the more business connections you have the more value you can add to your business and increase your chances of success.

There are many business networks in Bournemouth, you could probably network every day – Breakfast, Lunch and Evening.

Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce is different!

  • The Directors of the Chamber are all unpaid volunteers who want to help your business succeed – its a not for profit organisation
  • The Chamber works for the benefit of Bournemouth Businesses and Charities
    • Meeting the Council each month to help resolve members issues and contribute to the economic development of Bournemouth
    • Working with local charities each quarter in the Charity Forum
    • Working with hotels through BAHA and supporting the Bournemouth Tourism Awards
    • Holding regular networking events
      • NEO Breakfast
      • BH Banter – Free to attend
      • BH About – Free to attend
      • BH on the go – Free to attend
    • Holding Social Events and Dinners
    • Holding and Supporting Businesses with Training Events
    • Supporting and working with local Trade Groups
    • Working with the BID’s to promote Bournemouth
  • Bournemouth Chamber (BCTC) is probably one of the best value business networks with membership starting from £75 per year

Why bother to Network!

  1. Business Connections – By networking you will meet Potential New Client, Referral Partners and people that can help and support you. Social Media is great but many people will only do business with someone they have met. It’s about getting to know, like and trust people.
  2. Friends & Fun – Setting up a business can be isolating, it takes a lot of time and effort to get started and it’s often lonely. Networking will give you a chance to meet other businesses facing the same problems and you will make new friends and have fun.
  3. Education & Advice – Our networking events always include a presentation and educational content that will help your business to succeed. The Chamber is also on hand to help with advice.
  4. Support & Community – Networking brings us together to support each other and resolve common problems
  5. Sales – Most Business Owners go networking to generate Sales and in order to generate sales you need to go to the right networking groups, the ones where you will meet potential new clients in the right environment to do business. So for example – will the decision maker be at the event or will they send their staff?

When you go networking, keep going, it’s no good going once and then giving up!




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