The Power of Referrals

We all love happy clients and there is nothing better than a client referring you to their business contacts.

We love referrals too, so don’t forget to tell your friends how Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce help businesses and charities in Bournemouth.

3 great referral tips

  1. Only refer people when you have first hand experience – so its someone you have done business with or have worked with – don’t refer people that you don’t know, its all about trust
  2. Be Specific – try to give examples of how the person/business you are referring have done a good job and why you are referring them now
  3. Don’t look for financial reward – referring people for a referral fee or other financial rewards starts to  make people wonder if you are referring in their best interests or your own.

What goes around, comes around. If you refer people and try to help people develop their businesses they will try to return the favour and recommend you to their contacts and friends.

How can you make yourself more likely to be referred?

  • Do a great job for your clients
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Refer your business connections and give recommendations
  • Have a product or service that is easy to explain and understand
  • Find out where your clients are and who knows them – in other words join the right networking group for example Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce
  • Integrity matters – be honest and if you promise to do something do it!



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