It’s Spring! Time to prune your website

Even if your business website was perfect when it went live, is it designed for growth?

Websites, a bit like gardens, need to be well-kept, pleasing to browse round and well signposted, so that people can get to what they need and see the great stuff you want them to see.

Unfortunately over time websites can become overgrown, especially those who have several members of staff working on them from different areas of the company.

Your website will naturally grow as your staff add content to it – sometimes branching out in all directions! It may become unwieldy and “hard to see the wood from the trees”. Sometimes you need someone with an outside perspective to take a look. To identify what it is you want to push to the front – and what might need a sharp snip at the base.

Or the opposite may be true, your website might be neglected or thirsty due to lack of attention – looking jaded or sparse with nothing blossoming.

The larger the company and its website, the more it needs some special care every now and then.

Here’s a quick sample checklist for a Spring Review:

  • Has your company outgrown its website by a few years?
  • Do you know how many of your staff actually update your website?
  • When was your last blog post or news item – does your website look dated and un-cared for?
  • Do you know how many people use it and which pages they view? Or measure whether your social media activity is actually driving customers to your website?
  • Do you know how many broken links your company website has?
  • Can your web visitors clearly find your most important and topical products, offers, events – or signposts to them – from every page they may land on? Remember although a homepage is designed as the main gateway, very often your visitors will land on other pages from search results. Are they still getting a good picture of your business?
  • Does your main menu at the top of the page still make sense to your customers – or does the structure of your website need changing?

There are of course lots of other points to consider.

But your business website is your global shop-window and you don’t want your customers to feel neglected or tangled up in overgrown, out-dated information.

With 15+ years of experience with large websites, I’m available to give you advice and hands-on help with maintaining and managing your website content. I also design and build websites for local businesses using WordPress.

I’m here (with shears at the ready) so contact me if you need some help making your website look great and work beautifully again.

Read more about my web content services.

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