Taylorcocks, Xero Feature of the Month

This month we are going to take a look at Invoice Reminders. This great little feature automatically reminds customers/clients that they have an outstanding invoice.

You can set the feature to send up to 5 reminders for each invoice, and you can choose the number of days after the invoice date that each reminder is sent. Additionally, there is the ability to word each email differently so that they become progressively firmer as the invoice ages.

The feature also allows you to deselect reminders below a certain value from being sent. This feature neatly ensures that you do not look like Scrooge – chasing £0.05 for example – whilst also preventing you from constantly reminding someone that they have overpaid you!

To access this feature, please log into Xero and then go to Accounts / Sales / Awaiting Payment. On the ‘Awaiting Payment’ screen, click the ‘Invoice reminders off,’ option that appears at the top of the section. Alternatively, you can follow this link.

We understand that this feature will not work for everyone. If you want greater flexibility or more control, then please talk to us about the great Xero app called ‘Chaser.’ Chaser allows you to choose exactly what time such reminders are sent and on what day of the week. If you have multiple invoices outstanding with a single client, the system will automatically merge them into a single email, whereas the Xero free option will send a reminder for each separate invoice.

For more information about how taylorcocks can help you with your bookkeeping needs on Xero, please contact one of our Xero experts.

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