Shocking Social Media!

Is this what your clients think when they see your picture on social media!

It might seem like harmless fun to post a profile photo from your holiday snaps but what impression does it give? Using a photo taken at a wedding or on holiday with a glass of wine in your hand, or one taken 20 years ago, maybe sending out the wrong message and cost you thousands in lost opportunities.

Linked In is particularly important for business

So what makes a good profile picture?

Business Image

The photo should show you ready for business. Dressed as you would to meet client.

Depending on what you do that might mean a business suit or it could be a uniform, often in the creative industries people wear casual clothes.

So wear what you would wear to work.

Up to date

It might be tempting to use an old favourite photo of yourself, but will people recognise you?

How often do we meet a new client or supplier and they look nothing like their profile picture!

Professional Photos

Selfies often don’t work, professional photos are much better. A professional photographer will line the shot up properly and make it look as good as possible. Your face should take up 60% of the frame.

Expressions Count

Smiles are good but try to look professional, definitely don’t try to pull a funny face!


Try to avoid distracting backgrounds, the viewer needs to focus on your picture not what is happening behind you.


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