Charities Forum – why it’s good for Businesses and Charities

E Mail SignatureWe already have 109 attendees booked and are expecting up to 200, do you really want to miss the biggest networking event of the year?

Thurs 27th June 4.30pm St Francis Church



Businesses Book with this link
Charities Book with this link

What Charities need:

  • Meeting spaces/Work spaces
  • Donation collection points eg for the food bank
  • Sponsorship for events
  • Digital skills training for both staff and service users
  • Specialist advice – HR, marketing, legal matters
  • Support with one off events
  • Assistance with printing
  • Auction/Raffle prizes
  • Promoting fundraising events
  • One off accountancy support

What are the advantages for businesses?

  • Increased publicity
  • Increased ability to attract, motivate and retain employees
  • Opportunities for staff to develop soft skills and develop a better understanding of the community in which they work
  • Improved brand and public image
  • Companies that actively promote their social responsibility activities, can publicise there efforts on social media.

The Event

No tables, No stands, No letters, No speeches, No Presentation – just direct introductions – Business to Charity.
Businesses will say what they can provide charities – volunteers, donations, sponsorship. training, expertise, advice – helping them to show corporate responsibility and support the local community
Charities will say what they want from Businesses – trustees, support, volunteers, sponsorship – helping them to become stronger and more sustainable
There is no other event like this, no time wasting, its focused direct networking.

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