It’s not just a scorecard it’s a state of mind

Young woman with checklist over shoulder shot

Our Corporate Social Responsibility scorecard is how we can measure our success, without having a measure set against the context of business size how can we know if we are improving or that our work on CSR is meaningful.

The scorecard is not just about the statistics, its about changing business attitudes and for all businesses to see our three aims as critical to their success


• Support Charities – We aim to increase business donations to charities, increase staff volunteering and increase payroll giving
• Support Employees – We will encourage employers to support staff with flexible working, home working, stress management, gender and disability equality
• Support Local Businesses – Encourage businesses to buy from local and UK based businesses to create sustainable business communities and economic stability

Focusing your business on CSR will actually improve your bottom line because it will

1. Increase customer and brand loyalty as a result of greater community awareness
2. Improve productivity by having a happy and engaged work force with high morale
3. Improve the planet by becoming more sustainable

Come to our launch event on the 9th April and work with us to make Business in Bournemouth even better


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