Who cares about corporate social responsibility?

Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce care!

For us Social Responsibility encompasses

  • Supporting Charities
  • Supporting Employees
  • Supporting Local Businesses

If we want a sustainable, inclusive and successful local economy all three of the corner stones above are vital.

Surely no one can deny the importance of the three areas of social responsibility we have outlined.

We want to increase business donations to charities, increase staff volunteering and increase payroll giving.

We will encourage employers to support staff with flexible working, home working, stress management, gender and disability equality.

Encourage businesses to buy more from local businesses and to create a sustainable local economy, we will also encourage eco friendly business activity.

Past campaigns have centred on pledges and promises but without measurement and targets they are meaningless.

You wouldn’t run a business without preparing accounts!

There are many businesses who have done exceptional work on social responsibility and best practice needs to be shared and promoted.

We want to give you the chance to demonstrate your support for social responsibility, we have worked with 3 prominent charities to develop a scorecard which will measure and compare social responsibility across businesses.

Using the results we can then have an accreditation process and those who participate will be seen as businesses who care about Social Responsibility.

This isn’t just for members of BCTC we want as many businesses as possible to participate.

We aim to launch our campaign in March, please show you support by liking and sharing this blog.





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