You need strategic partners

In business having the right contacts and partnerships will mean the difference between success and failure.

Together we are much stronger than we are on our own and can achieve far more.

Common Goals

Working with other organisations that share common goals will make it easier to achieve your objectives. At BCTC we want to make Bournemouth a dynamic forward thinking business community where we help each other to thrive and provide support and help to businesses that need it.

Grow your contacts and customer base

Partnerships are about sharing and networking, the more opportunities you have to meet new clients the better your chances of success will be, that’s why the partnership between AFC Business and BCTC is important. We both want you to have opportunities to grow and between us have thousands of business contacts.

Partnerships help to strengthen your business

We can’t all be good at everything, in fact most business owners have very specific skills generally related to their product or service. We need business partners to help us do the things that we can’t do.

Can you honestly say you don’t need help and you have skills covering Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Accounting, IT, Legal. Only large businesses have the scale to bring these in house, most business need to outsource and that’s when you need strategic partners. We can help you find those partners from the local business community.

Finding Partners

The best way to find partners is to network, Bournemouth Chamber have around 30 networking events a year, we would love to see you at an event and we can introduce you to businesses that would be your perfect partner.


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