What can you say in 10 seconds to promote your business?

At our BH Banter evening networking events we are introducing the 10 second pitch.

I know that many groups have longer pitches but equally we know that some people find it hard to know what to say and it can be a source of worry and make people feel anxious, we want our members and guests to feel relaxed.

The purpose of networking is to generate business and grow your network, so what can you say in 10 seconds?

  1. Tell the group who you are – for example – Hi, I am Steve and my company is Bicknell Business Advisers
  2. What do you do, sell or promote? for example you might say something like… we help businesses to reduce costs, increase profit and minimise tax
  3. Why did you come to BH Banter? for example you could say – to learn new skills, make new connections, solve or get support with a business issue – try to be specific – I am looking for ways to grow my social media or I want to find better ways to market my business

The purpose of the pitch is that once the presentations are over and open networking starts you can quickly identity who you want to speak to.

The key to networking is to:

  • Attend regularly – so that you can build relationships
  • Help others – what goes around comes around
  • Keep your promises and do a good job
  • Build trust


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