Let’s Make Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital for VAT has started, all VAT registered Business with a turnover above the £85k threshold will either join MTD from the first month or quarter (depending on whether you do quarterly or monthly VAT returns) starting after 1st April 2019 or for those qualifying for the deferred period, they will start in first month or quarter after the 1st October 2019 (its estimated only 3.5% of VAT registered business qualify for the deferred period).

In  the UK there are 2.7m VAT registered businesses, 1.8m have been filing via the HMRC portal and 1.2m businesses are over the VAT threshold. VAT generates 21% of the UK’s tax.

The portal will no longer be available for those who are within the scope of MTD and as a result 89% of businesses will have to change the way they file VAT.

Under MTD you have to file using approve API compliant software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDGxLwEc1OM&feature=youtu.be

Many businesses will find that their software is not compliant and as result will choose to either change/upgrade or use Bridging software. Bridging Software is often spreadsheet based and with either import CSV/Excel files from your current system or allow you to set up formulae to link data and create the necessary digital links to pull data through to the return for submission.

Over the last couple of years I have been training accountants and more recently multi million large business in how they can meet the new MTD requirements.

Even though businesses may have some pain in order to change, in the long term MTD is expected to help business and HMRC to become more efficient and reduce errors.

Is your business ready for MTD?




Let’s make CSR Videos

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Steve Bicknell, Vice President of BCTC, was invited by Alice Stevens to set the over 100 students at AUB a task to make short videos and films to present CSR.

The social media videos will focus on

1. Why do Millennials want to work for Ethical CSR businesses
2. Why do consumers prefer to buy from CSR and ethical businesses
3. What is CSR (covering – Charities, Employees, Buy local and Sustainability)

The work will be completed by the students in early January 2018.

Special thanks to Alice and the Students.

Find out more about CSR at https://csr-online.org/

Would you like to join our Board of Trustees? Dorset Advocacy

Dorset Advocacy is a charitable organisation based at Poundbury in Dorchester. We cover the geographical area of Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.

We work with people with physical disabilities, who have ill health or learning disabilities and people with dementia and autism. We make sure that their voices are heard and their rights are respected. We are passionate about supporting people to have choice and control in their lives. We have 30 advocates and 60 volunteers who supported over 4000 people over the last year. We are very proud of our achievements.

We are looking for 2 people who are willing to apply their professional skills to support our organisation. One of these roles requires someone with a strategic finance or accountancy background, to help us to appraise the viability of project proposals, diversify income streams, assist with our pricing models and help us plan for our long-term sustainability.

If you share our passion and could use your commercial, strategic, or financial acumen to support us to meet our strategic objectives, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact our Chief Executive – Mike Pochin on: 01305 251033, to find out more.
For more information about the organisation please see our website:

for more information on this blog contact Richard Wills (Trustee) richardw@dorsetadvocacy.co.uk

Street Support Re-launch (5 Oct 2018)

Bcars arms around 2Mary (not her real name) ended up on the street in her 50s because of domestic abuse – she found her way to Sleepsafe and off the street for the winter – one year later people have helped her get a flat, volunteer, learn new skills and regain her self-confidence – Good News… but what would have happened if she hadn’t had someone to help her find lcoal support.

18 months ago, charities and agencies working to help rough sleepers get off (and stay off!) the streets in Bournemouth had 3 challenges put to them;
– first – do we actually know what each other are doing to help
– second – people kept asking “what can we do?” – they wanted to help but had no idea how
– third, students from the University were saying “is there any help actually out there – there’s nowhere to find out who does what and when”.

Roll on to summer 2018, and these organisations including YMCA, Big Issue, Shelter, BCHA, Citizens Advice, Bournemouth Foodbank, Faithworks in tandem with the Councils, the University and Health teams have brought http://www.streetsupport.net to the town.
This one stop website brings into one place all the help in the town, and all the opportunities for people of goodwill to get involved.

And the impact – well, rough sleepers can get help quicker – advisors can flick onto the system and see who else is well placed to give help there and then; people who want to help can see the needs and volunteering opportunities that fit them. And we think this will really help local businesses to know how to respond to the issue of homelessness on their door-step.

On Friday 5th October, we start the next stage of the local Street Support story. Conor Burns, Martin Underhill and people from across all sectors of life are meeting to commit themselves to the project that is now conurbation wide, and to launch “Change for Good” – a simple alternative and independently managed way for people to give money to homelessness work in the town

There couldn’t be a more pertinent example of how change will only come when everyone can see how they can play their part. Come
along to the BCHA Factory in
Alderhills on the 5th at 2pm to be in on the next stage of town-wide transformation!” (https://bit.ly/2IkfYAH)

Alistair Doxat-Purser
Chief Executive, Faithworks Wessex